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We speak with the people who are trying to build a better Culture War.

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23 June 2023

Isaac Saul: Doing Journalism That's Trusted By Both Sides

Isaac Saul is the founde of Tangle News, a daily news roundup that is unusual for being highly trusted across its bipartisan readership. Saul talks about the beginnings of Tangle News, how he constructs a nonpartisan publication, and what he thinks about America’s future.



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20 March 2023

Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill: The Paradox We Need to Think About

Dr. Pfeffer Merrill is the director of the Campus Free Expression Project. She connects with everyone from members of Congress to student representatives to achieve the Project’s mission of fostering open dialogue, intellectual diversity, and free thinking. Dr. Pfeffer Merrill is a graduate of the University of Calgary and Duke University and has left a significant imprint on the academic world in a number of ways, including prison ministry, faculty service, and acting as a trustee and advisor to a great number of organizations.



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26 February 2023

Langston Mayo: “Hey, let's have a dialogue.”

Let's look to the future of the conflict transformation space with Langston Mayo, a new voice on the scene. A recent graduate of the University or Oregon School of Law Master’s program, he works with Conflict Artistry, a Portland-based organization that, among other services such as dispute resolution, seeks to provide paths to redistributive justice in unexpected ways. In this episode, he discusses the philosophy behind this new form of restitution that combines reintegration with accountability. Mayo is the host of the podcast Isolated Thoughts and reflects here on the start of his career and why he hopes to work himself out of a job.

Show Notes

Conflict Artistry

Langston Mayo’s creative conflict transformation service

Isolated Thoughts

Langston Mayos’ podcast



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18 January 2023

Dr. Catherine Barnes: Shifting the Conflict System

Dr. Catherine Barnes has worked with many human rights organizations including the United Nations and the Conciliation Resources and Miniority Rights Group International. She is a trainer, consultant, teacher and author currently at work on a book called Ending Our Addiction to Coercion: Understanding Conflict, Habituated Systems, and How to Transform Them. In this episode, she passes on her experiences of working around the world to facilitate community dialogue and peaceful solutions. Listen in as Dr. Barnes shares her wisdom gathered from a lifetime of bridging and peacebuilding.


Meet Dr. Barnes

Dr. Barnes is working on dialogue facilitation with the Rockingham County Public Schools. Here's more information.

Conciliation Resources

Minority Rights Group International

Dr. Barnes is also an Affiliate Associate Professor with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at EMU .



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22 November 2022

Lorraine Segal: Whole People

Conflict transformation coach, consultant, and trainer Lorraine Segal once reached a significant goal in her academic career: She was a tenured, full-time professor. However, she found the work environment at her university "toxic" and left her tenured position to begin work in the field of conflict transformation. Now with the goal of helping fraught workplaces and coaching groups through healthy conflict, Lorraine sometimes finds that opposing parties simply misunderstand one another. She mentions several tools she uses that help various parties express what they think and perceive. Using examples from her private practice and work in DEI as well as conflict education, Lorraine shares what it's like to wade into this purple country of ours. She answers questions about the importance of challenging ourselves and the process of "separating the person from the problem." This is the majority of our conversation, edited for clarity and length. Join us for a partial transcript at



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08 November 2022

Amanda Ripley: Asking The Right Questions

Investigative reporter Amanda Ripley has been transformative in the world of conflict transformation. Her landmark article "Complicating the Narrative" changed the way journalists and the general public viewed and talked about conflict. Here, she turns some important questions around on us and discusses her thought process in contributing to depolarization. Amanda is the co-founder of Good Conflict, which leads workshops in mapping and addressing toxic conflict. She is also the author of "The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes-- and Why", "The Smartest Kids in the World--and How They Got That Way" and "High Conflict-- Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out." Amanda also offers insight on how her work on all three of these books intersect. This is the majority of our conversation, edited for clarity and length. Join us for a partial transcript at