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The Better Conflict Bulletin

18 January 2023

36m 17s

Dr. Catherine Barnes: Shifting the Conflict System



Dr. Catherine Barnes has worked with many human rights organizations including the United Nations and the Conciliation Resources and Miniority Rights Group International. She is a trainer, consultant, teacher and author currently at work on a book called Ending Our Addiction to Coercion: Understanding Conflict, Habituated Systems, and How to Transform Them. In this episode, she passes on her experiences of working around the world to facilitate community dialogue and peaceful solutions. Listen in as Dr. Barnes shares her wisdom gathered from a lifetime of bridging and peacebuilding.


Meet Dr. Barnes

Dr. Barnes is working on dialogue facilitation with the Rockingham County Public Schools. Here's more information.

Conciliation Resources

Minority Rights Group International

Dr. Barnes is also an Affiliate Associate Professor with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at EMU .