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The Better Conflict Bulletin

22 November 2022

28m 49s

Lorraine Segal: Whole People



Conflict transformation coach, consultant, and trainer Lorraine Segal once reached a significant goal in her academic career: She was a tenured, full-time professor. However, she found the work environment at her university "toxic" and left her tenured position to begin work in the field of conflict transformation. Now with the goal of helping fraught workplaces and coaching groups through healthy conflict, Lorraine sometimes finds that opposing parties simply misunderstand one another. She mentions several tools she uses that help various parties express what they think and perceive. Using examples from her private practice and work in DEI as well as conflict education, Lorraine shares what it's like to wade into this purple country of ours. She answers questions about the importance of challenging ourselves and the process of "separating the person from the problem." This is the majority of our conversation, edited for clarity and length. Join us for a partial transcript at